Rolled Ham & Cheese Sandwich



When you’re the one in charge of cooking breakfast day after day after day, you’d eventually run out of any breakfast ideas to feed the hungry stomachs of your family. And that’s what happened to me! Because let’s face it, it’s hard to feed people when they’re appetites are barely awake (at least to some people). So, my conundrum is to come up with a breakfast meal that’s appealing for them, and at the same time, something they can eat and not just merely nibble. Of course, there’s your regular bacon, egg, sausage, oats, pancakes, etc. But here’s something new that I tried: rolled ham and cheese sandwich! It requires more work than your regular ham and cheese sandwich, but it’s something to pique the interest of anyone’s appetite.



So, we’ve got a regular sliced white loaf bread, ham and cheese. The key here is to be able to roll the white bread without breaking it. It took me a while to figure out how to do it, but I found that warming the bread in the microwave for 10 seconds per slice helped to soften the bread and made it more pliable for rolling. After warming the bread slice, remove the brown edges and flatten it by using a rolling pin.




Place on top your preferred slice of cheese, then your ham. For me, Swiss cheese goes together really well with ham. It kinda balances out the saltiness of ham, as opposed to using American cheese. Then just gently and tightly roll the sandwich. If your bread is warm enough, you should be able to roll it without breaking the bread.


Set them aside and cool them in the fridge until whenever you’re ready to “fry-toast” them.


If you have any bread scraps like mine from when I wasn’t able to roll it out perfectly, don’t throw them away! You can still use them and make another roll.

Gather all the scraps,  warm them in the microwave, then flatten them with the rolling pin. You really have to thoroughly flatten it in order for them to stick together. Then you do the same process as above. Put a slice of cheese and ham on top of it, then gently roll it. In order to maintain the integrity of the scraps, I covered it with plastic wrap very tightly. Then place in the fridge and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. It should be able to hold its shape after that.



Now, it’s time for frying them! I have two dipping stations: heavy cream and bread crumbs. I used heavy cream mainly to soften the bread a little bit, but eggs are definitely acceptable. So, dip the rolled ham and cheese sandwich to heavy cream quickly then coat them with breadcrumbs. Press tightly the crumbs onto the sandwich, then let excess fall back.



In a frying pan, heat butter or shortening or vegetable oil into medium heat. Fry the rolled sandwich until the exterior is golden brown in color. It doesn’t take long as you’re merely cooking the outside to brown it. Make sure to brown all sides. If your sandwich starts opening up during the frying process, you can use toothpick or a frying tong to hold them together. Then let it rest for few minutes until warm before serving.



It’s a pretty good twist on a ham and cheese sandwich. You can dip it in mayonnaise or ketchup, or just eat it as it is. It’s crispy on the outside, and the cheese is perfectly melted inside, which I highly prefer when eating sandwiches. Great for breakfast and great for snacking, too!

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