Hershey Chocolate Kisses Bonsai Tree


This idea came to my mind during the brain-wracking search on what to give to my co-worker who had an upcoming 60th birthday. She already has everything, and I wanted to be able to give her something memorable. One thing that I do know very well about her is that she adores Hershey Kisses chocolate. And that is saying it simply! She won’t eat any other chocolate except for Kisses. She’s quite loyal and devoted to it, and always keep a bag of Kisses in her locker and drawer. If she eats Ferrero Rocher chocolates, I would probably just give her Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree. However, she’s not fond of it (much to my aghast!). I initially had thought of making a tree like that but using Hershey Kisses. From there, my imagination started to wander. Ideas started coming in, and then this came out. I’m quite proud of this! My sister jokingly even called this “The Tree of Life”.  Chocolate is life, so why not?

What you’ll need:

  • 36 oz Hershey Kisses (could be assortment or just plain)
  • toothpicks
  • green tissue paper
  • red tissue paper/ red cellophane
  • moss green/ brown tissue paper
  • 4 or 5-inch Stryofoam ball
  • wooden dowel rod (about 16 inches)
  • clay pot or tin pot
  • styrofoam and/or rocks or marble balls


First things first is to be able to make the dowel rod stand up firmly inside the pot. The dowel rod I bought was about 3 ft, so I had to cut it down to about 16 inches. My initial plan was to glue (using epoxy) the end of the dowel rod to the bottom of the pot, then fill the pot with rocks or marble balls to stabilize it. My father, however, suggested to use this cut-up Styrofoam which was about to go to trash. Pierce the dowel rod to the center of the foam box.DSCN3778

At the other end of the dowel rod, pierce it at the center of the foam ball. You might need to sharpen the edges with the help of a small knife (to make it look the tip of a pencil) to be able to pierce it through the ball.


It should be able to stand firmly. Surround the inside of the pot with rocks or marble balls to fill in the gaps. These will also help to provide weight for the pot. You will need that weight as the foam ball will be heavy once it’s filled with chocolate kisses.


I wasn’t able to find a brown colored tissue paper, but I found this moss green tissue paper instead, and I thought it would look great to imitate the color of soil and the tree trunk. Brown would have been perfect, though.


Cover the rocks/ marble balls and foam with the tissue paper, and set aside for now.


Cut the green and red tissue paper/cellophane into small squares.

Separate the red, silver and green covered chocolate kisses before starting. I’m telling you, this will make this project much easier!

For the green tissue paper, I used the red-covered chocolate kisses. For the red paper, I used the silver-covered chocolate for the contrast. The green covered chocolate kisses will be used for later.

Now we’re ready to stick the kisses to the foam ball!


Take a toothpick and pierce through the center of tissue paper/cellophane into the foam ball. Pierce one Hershey kisses at the other end of the toothpick. Or, you can do the reverse. Pierce the Hershey kisses first, then through the foil and into the foam.


When adding a new set of chocolate kisses, I tried to alternate between the green and red colors. I found that it could not be avoided to have both green paper or red paper side by side, but I minimized that as much as possible.


Lift the edge of the green paper.


Then place another red paper on the side of the green tissue paper. Then stick a toothpick right at the center fold. Then stick one chocolate kisses. Grab another toothpick and stick another chocolate kisses.

I was able to fit in 2-3 Hershey kisses in one square of tissue paper. You can cut the tissue paper into a much smaller size and only stick one chocolate kisses per paper. That would work out very well too.

Keep doing that until the whole foam ball is covered.


This is what it looks when it was halfway done. The before and after, you can say.


There is that great satisfaction on seeing the whole foam ball covered. Phew! That took me a while. Depending on how snug the chocolate kisses are, all of the silver and red covered chocolates in the 36 oz bag of Hershey chocolate kisses should fit on the foam ball.


I placed the remaining green-covered chocolate kisses into the pot. If I only have the gold chocolate kisses, I would have used that. However, there’s something to be done with these green chocolate kisses, and I figured they would do as grasses in the pot.


That looks already great as it is right now, but I would like to do something with the rod. I had thought of covering it with just a foil or a ribbon, but nope, there’s a much better idea that popped up in my mind.


Take 2 moss green or brown tissue papers, then cut them in half.


This is the fun part. Crumpling the well-ironed paper into your hands.


I had to remove the green chocolate kisses in order to do this meticulously.

Cover the rod tightly with one crumpled moss green tissue paper.


Then crumple another one, and do the same to the rest of moss green tissue paper.


On the last crumpled paper, press tightly the papers around the rod using both hands. It should stay and not open up even without the help of glue or tape.

After that, put the green kisses back into the pot.

And it should look like this now……


It’s soooo pretty! My brother and father both suggested that it needed more, like branches or hangings, and such. But try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to make those additions into this tree. Alas, my mind has ran out of ideas, but I think it already looks pretty cool as it is!

This project is so easy and cheap to make. To be honest, I think I only spent about $15 on everything including chocolate kisses (or probably lesser). You have to invest in a little bit of patience as it does take time to cover the whole foam ball with chocolate kisses (not too mention that it does take a lot of patience not to take the chocolate and eat it right then and there!). But the end-product is definitely worth it.

I should, however, point out that this is not very easy to transport. If you’re going to take a subway or bus, be extra careful. I had to put this in a huge paper bag, covered the gaps inside the paper bag with crumpled papers, so as to prevent it from tilting.

My co-worker was beyond delighted and ecstatic when she saw this! She couldn’t believe that I was able to pull this one off. Well, I never would have thought that I would someday make a Hershey Chocolate Kisses bonsai tree in my life!

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