Banana Bread


This is my all-time favorite banana bread recipe! I’ve searched and tried many recipes, Joanne Chang’s banana bread recipe stands out the most for me. I did tweak it a little bit such as reducing the amount of sugar and making the walnuts and sour cream optional. Also, instead of just baking soda, I also added baking powder for extra leavening.

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Creamy Cheesy Pasta


This is my take on mac and cheese. Instead of macaroni elbows, I prefer rotini as I like how the swirls hold the creamy cheesy sauce, and not to mention that it looks much better than the elbows! I used my 3 favorite cheese to make the sauce: brie, smoked gouda and of course, white cheddar cheese. The combination of those three is so perfectly delicious and sumptuous. I don’t think you can ever go wrong in any pasta recipe when using those three cheese. I guarantee you, this is sooooo much better than the boxed mac and cheese!

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Homemade Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil


This is one of my favorite from my mom’s┬árecipes. I swear I could eat this all week. I can do lot of things with this sardines. I can add this to pasta, or on my toast, or simply eat it with rice. Whenever my mom can make this, I always ask her to make a big batch. Not only does it get eaten quickly in this household, but whenever there’s some left, I can always canned these sardines afterwards.

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Cold Chicken Macaroni Salad


This is our family’s favorite snack time. Well, actually, I don’t even know if this is an appetizer, main meal, dessert, or just merely a snack meal in our family! But it’s good and very easy to prepare. Just like with any other salad, you just simply have to stir all the ingredients in the bowl. Not to mention, this is quite flexible when it comes to fruits, vegetables, and even the meat you desire. This is something kids would love to eat! (Believe me, I was once a kid who devoured this anytime I could have it!).

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Baked Pineapple Ham


It is a tradition in our family to always (always!) have ham on our Christmas celebration. Ham is the heart of our Christmas table. Luckily, my brother’s company provides ham every year, so we won’t have to buy it. The one we usually received is Smithfield’s Hickory Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham. The ham tastes good as it is, especially with its own glaze. However, my dad finds the taste salty and lacking some sweetness and in-depth flavor. So, every time we have ham, he made some tweaks in it, and it always turns out definitely more delicious. I stalked him when he was making this, and took pictures along the way, so as to remember how he usually elevates the flavor. He’s extremely secretive when it comes to his food, but I didn’t let him get away this time!

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My Mom’s Meatloaf


My mom rarely cooks these days, but whenever she does, it’s eventful. I grew up eating her meals and baked goods, so there’s always nostalgia involved whenever I eat one of her foods. Sadly though, she doesn’t keep recipes most of the time. She goes by taste, look, and what ingredients are available, and not by any written recipes. Admittedly, this makes it hard for me to sometimes replicate the foods she made for us before.

Last weekend, she had the time and decidedly made us meatloaf for our meals. When I saw her, I immediately grabbed the camera and took pictures of the whole process. Don’t want to miss this for the world!

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