Triple Cheese Tarts



These triple cheese tarts are such a delight to eat. You can eat this hot, straight out of the oven while the filling is still gooey, or cold, after being stored in the fridge. Either way, it tastes delicious and scrumptious. What I like about this is that it’s a dessert, but not too sweet. It does take some work to do, but definitely worth it.

While thinking on making this recipe, I initially planned on just making cheesecake tarts using regular cheesecake batter recipe. But then, I wanted to add more creaminess to it, so I added mascarpone cheese. And since I have ricotta cheese available at that same time, I figured why not add another cheese, to make this a triple cheese treat? The three cheeses (cream cheese, mascarpone and ricotta) are great for baking, and just ultimately best when combined.

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Rose Apple Pie


It’s the internet rage since, I don’t know, 2-3 years ago perhaps? I’ve been dying to try my hands on making rose apple pie, and when is the best day to do that but on Thanksgiving Day, right? However, I wasn’t able to do it on this year’s Thanksgiving as I was pressed on time, and our oven was fully occupied by the turkey. A week after Thanksgiving, I decided to just go ahead and do this, regardless of any occasion. It’s an eyeful for sure, and not to mention such a unique way to surprise your guests.

When my family saw this, they couldn’t believe it’s an apple pie. Sure, I strayed away from the classic apple pie we were all used to having, at least aesthetically. However, the flavor remained the same, or almost the same. If you are someone who likes their crust, this may not be for you as it doesn’t have a top crust. I prefer to think of this as more of a tart rather than pie, actually. In fact, the next time I make this, I might just do it on a tart pan instead of a pie pan.

My go-to apple for baking has always been Granny Smith and I always peel them. I know some people prefer others or a mix of different varieties of apple like Honey Crisp, etc. If you do use red apple, you can definitely skip the peeling process of the apples, if you like. The beautiful red skin color of apples can help enhance the rose impression on this pie.

For the pie crust, I used the pie crust recipe from my  Egg Custard recipe post. It’s flaky, buttery and extremely easy to make.

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Turkey Empanadas



If you read my Turkey Ramblings post, you would know how I approached cooking the turkey for this year’s Thanksgiving. I did say that it was very delicious and everyone just loved it. And believe me, it’s true! However, we were still left with some leftovers from that big bird. And now, the dilemma was what to do with the leftovers. We could simply eat it as it is, with the gravy and lingonberry jam. Still delicious! But, admit it, it’s not as exciting to eat it compared to when you eat it on Thanksgiving Day.

I came upon my friend’s Facebook post on how she’s making pork empanada for her daughter’s snack for the afternoon. And it was like a light bulb was lit on my mind. Why not make a turkey empanada? My aunt would sometimes bring chicken empanadas whenever she comes over. Though I don’t know the recipe, I could figure out from the taste on how to do it. I didn’t have specific quantities of the ingredients as I added stuffs as I go along with the cooking.

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Egg Custard Pie




I rarely bake pies. I didn’t grow up eating pies on any occasion. Hence, the reason why I’m not particularly good at making pie dough. I’ve tried many times before, but due to some careless and rookie actions, and other possible things that I can’t figure out that I made, I have never ended up with a beautiful, perfect, neat-looking and delicious pie crust. One difficulty I have is rolling the dough. Sounds easy, right? Just simply roll out the dough! Yeah, and I couldn’t even get that simple task done! It’s either my dough ended up being too thin or thick, or I couldn’t get it out from the counter to place neatly and beautifully on the pie pan. And whenever I thought I was finally successful on battling with rolling the dough, my pie crust ended up being out of shape when baked (crimps on the edge were gone). So yeah, for many times, the frozen grocery pie dough and I are real best friends.

After many hesitations, reasoning, and convincing myself, I decided to try my hand on making homemade pie dough again!  Photos below are not picture-perfect pie, so just be warned 🙂

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