Homemade Yeast Doughnuts


For this recipe, I used both whole wheat flour and all purpose flour, but you can definitely use all 4 cups of all-purpose flour. I was just merely “testing the waters”, you can say, on how well a doughnut can handle whole wheat flour. I had never tried a whole wheat doughnut before, so I figured to try it, but only started with half of it first.

Cinnamon  is also optional. But it’s a wonderful addition and one I would highly recommend! This was also the first time for me to try adding cinnamon in a dough, and the outcome came out really great!

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Black and White Panna Cotta


If you’re wanting something light (and jiggly!) for dessert, you can never go wrong with panna cotta. It’s very easy to make and can be made ahead of time( or I should say *must* be made ahead of time). The wonderful thing about panna cotta is you can have a lot of fun playing with it. You can flavor it any way you desire, or top it with berries or granola, or serve it with chocolate syrup, or , my most preferred way, serve it plain as it is.

I call this Black and White Panna Cotta, but really, it’s just vanilla and dark chocolate that contrasts each other with color, but a bliss of flavor when combined.

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From the Scratch Coconut Milk


I always have an inkling on how coconut milk is made but I never really had the chance to make it myself. While on vacation, visiting my parents back in my home country, I had the opportunity to “help out” in making coconut milk from scratch. It may seem tedious at first glance, but really, it’s quite easy and fun to do. So for those with easy access to “mature” coconuts, I guarantee you that making this coconut milk from scratch will be worth your while.

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No-Knead Bread


I’ve been in a bread baking mood these past few weeks, and I happened to chance upon this No-Knead Bread recipe from New York Times. As the name implies, there’s no kneading required to make the bread. And as an added bonus, it’s a 3-ingredient bread (excluding water, of course!)! I’ve made this many times these past few weeks, and never have I had any failures, so I would like to think of this as a foolproof bread recipe. It does require 12-18 hours of room temperature incubation. And it also requires something which I don’t have in my kitchen, which is a dutch oven casserole. I can, however, make a substitution for that, so it could still come out perfectly. I’ve also made some small changes to the recipe based on what other people have told me.

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Honey Whole Wheat Bread


I’ve always liked homemade breads. I’m not very good at baking breads, but I try my hands on it whenever I can. My sister had come to ask me to bake her a whole wheat bread as she prefers it over white bread. Sure, you can easily buy whole wheat bread at any stores, but she (and me included) prefers homemade rather than store bought. I’ve never made a “successful” bread loaf before, but I thought I might as well try.

This bread is 100% whole wheat flour. I was contemplating of adding white flour into the mixture, but thought against it. If I’m baking whole wheat bread, might as well make it 100% whole wheat. Instead of sugar, I chose honey as a sweetener which matches really well with wheat-y flavor of the bread.

This recipe has only 6 ingredients. Six!! I compared it to the ones I found at the grocery store, and I was surprised to see the list of ingredients for one whole wheat loaf bread. There are just many! That just makes me more determined to  harness my breadmaking skills.

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Creamy Cheesy Pasta


This is my take on mac and cheese. Instead of macaroni elbows, I prefer rotini as I like how the swirls hold the creamy cheesy sauce, and not to mention that it looks much better than the elbows! I used my 3 favorite cheese to make the sauce: brie, smoked gouda and of course, white cheddar cheese. The combination of those three is so perfectly delicious and sumptuous. I don’t think you can ever go wrong in any pasta recipe when using those three cheese. I guarantee you, this is sooooo much better than the boxed mac and cheese!

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Ginger Cake/ Gingerbread Cake



I’ve never had ginger cake before. I often read it in historical books and I wondered, what does a ginger cake taste like? I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to find in any bakeries around my area. I did my research on this, and most of the time, the recipes I saw are gingerbread cakes. I’m still not sure what’s the difference between the two, as they both almost have the same ingredients.

The recipe I have is adapted from April Bloomfield’s recipe, although I tweaked it a little bit. The cake is moist and flavorful. It’s not overly spiced and ginger-y. Just the perfect amount that I like. No frosting needed, although it’ll be a good addition indeed. As I said earlier, I’ve never had ginger cake before, so I can’t really make a comparison. But if a ginger cake is this good, no wonder that this is one of the cake that’s still eaten for decades.

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Homemade Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil


This is one of my favorite from my mom’s recipes. I swear I could eat this all week. I can do lot of things with this sardines. I can add this to pasta, or on my toast, or simply eat it with rice. Whenever my mom can make this, I always ask her to make a big batch. Not only does it get eaten quickly in this household, but whenever there’s some left, I can always canned these sardines afterwards.

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Strawberry Ricotta Cake


This isn’t the traditional Italian ricotta cake. This is more like a chiffon or a sponge cake mixed with ricotta cheese. The ricotta cheese helps to make this cake more flavorful, moist and rich. Actually, this idea came from having a ricotta pancake which tasted so good. Then, I thought why not add ricotta cheese in my regular chiffon cake?

As for the strawberry, we adore strawberry syrup on our pancakes, so I made strawberry mousse and it turned out a great flavor to match with this fluffy ricotta cake.

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