Ginger Cake/ Gingerbread Cake



I’ve never had ginger cake before. I often read it in historical books and I wondered, what does a ginger cake taste like? I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to find in any bakeries around my area. I did my research on this, and most of the time, the recipes I saw are gingerbread cakes. I’m still not sure what’s the difference between the two, as they both almost have the same ingredients.

The recipe I have is adapted from April Bloomfield’s recipe, although I tweaked it a little bit. The cake is moist and flavorful. It’s not overly spiced and ginger-y. Just the perfect amount that I like. No frosting needed, although it’ll be a good addition indeed. As I said earlier, I’ve never had ginger cake before, so I can’t really make a comparison. But if a ginger cake is this good, no wonder that this is one of the cake that’s still eaten for decades.

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Strawberry Ricotta Cake


This isn’t the traditional Italian ricotta cake. This is more like a chiffon or a sponge cake mixed with ricotta cheese. The ricotta cheese helps to make this cake more flavorful, moist and rich. Actually, this idea came from having a ricotta pancake which tasted so good. Then, I thought why not add ricotta cheese in my regular chiffon cake?

As for the strawberry, we adore strawberry syrup on our pancakes, so I made strawberry mousse and it turned out a great flavor to match with this fluffy ricotta cake.

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Warm Chocolate Melting Cake (Lava Cake)





I first had the chance of feasting on this decadent and luscious dessert on a Carnival cruise to Mexico. It was just a pure, unadulterated, and chocolatey deliciousness! It was paired with a good vanilla ice cream. The combination of warm chocolate cake and cold vanilla ice cream is one of the best in my vocabulary! Carnival Cruise Lines is willing to share the recipe to everyone, and it’s easy to find online as well. The caveat? The recipe that was given to me by a cruise staff is a recipe for a huge batch of this dessert (not surprisingly, I guess). As much as I like to devour this, I don’t think my family and I can eat that much. So, here’s my take on their warm chocolate melting cake. I tweaked some changes, reduce the amounts of ingredients (especially the sweetness), and it came out soooo delicious!!

Not to mention that you can make this in advance. Yes! I’ve experimented on this during the weekend and I was very successful. Initially, I had thought that the batter has to be cooked almost immediately as there could be some textural changes and such. Additionally, you can only serve this warm, meaning you have to make this just minutes before serving, which may not be ideal at times. However, after last weekend, I found out I was wrong on both accounts. No changes in the batter as long as it’s kept in the fridge, and even though it’s no longer served warm, it’s still quite delicious!!

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Pumpkin Sheet Cake Pan

It’s finally the pumpkin season!!

Never been the fan of pumpkin, though. I once tried to eat a slice of pumpkin pie, but unfortunately, it just didn’t appeal to my taste. Ever since then, I never tried anything with pumpkin  and pumpkin spices in any food.

However, that changed one month before the Halloween this year. My co-worker brought a homemade Pumpkin Sheet Cake Pan which was baked for her from another of her fellow grandmother. When she told me that she reserved three big slices for me to eat on my break time, I remembered making a huge gulp and my mind already raced through on whom I can share the cake with (as I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat it!).

Surprisingly though, I did eat all 3 big slices of that pumpkin cake! Guiltily, I might add. The pumpkin flavors weren’t too strong, the cake moist and soft, and the frosting. Boy, the frosting took it home for me! It’s such a basic cream cheese frosting, but when paired with the pumpkin cake, it brought everything together. It’s such a perfect combination.

I immediately asked for the recipe, and she willingly surrendered it to me knowing that she finally made me succumbed to pumpkin deliciousness. And here it is!

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