Mango Mousse Sheet Cake



This was my first attempt in baking mango mousse cake, and dare I say it, but it’s very successful! I used chiffon cake as a base, and replaced the milk ingredient with mango puree. It’s not the mango season now, but in most Asian grocery stores, you can find packaged mango purees. There’s frozen or unfrozen. The one I used was unfrozen packaged from the Philippines. It was way too sweet for me, so I reduced the sugar to only 1/4 cup for the cake. They did have an unsweetened mango puree, but unfortunately, there was only one on stock and it seemed to have been opened, so I had to settle for the sweetened mango puree. Regular grocery stores may have frozen mango puree from the Latin countries. But Philippine mangoes are more to my liking as I find it more luscious, sweet and less fibrous. If you can avail for fresh mangoes, it’s certainly much better. Yellow food coloring is completely optional. I don’t like to add coloring to my cake if it’s not really necessary, but this cake didn’t have the color of mango. It had a very pale yellow color, that no one would even know it you put mango puree in it just by looking. So, it’s completely preferential.

For the filling, I used mango mousse with mascarpone, so it’s a nice, light and very creamy filling for the cake. I was actually torn between mango mousse or mango pudding. I thought either one would be great on the cake. I went with the mango mousse instead to compliment the lightness of the cake.

I had some leftover egg whites from the flan I had recently made,  so I figured I could use those egg whites for Swiss Meringue Buttercream. This frosting fits nicely to the cake as it’s lighter than American Buttercream, but not too light like the whipped cream frosting.

This recipe can easily be turned into a round cake, if preferred. I actually did both. While I like the traditional round cakes, I prefer the sheet cake as it’s much easier to bring to parties or even storing the leftovers. The size of the sheet pan that I used in this recipe is 18 x 13, so yes, this makes a huge batch of cake!

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