Turkey Empanadas



If you read my Turkey Ramblings post, you would know how I approached cooking the turkey for this year’s Thanksgiving. I did say that it was very delicious and everyone just loved it. And believe me, it’s true! However, we were still left with some leftovers from that big bird. And now, the dilemma was what to do with the leftovers. We could simply eat it as it is, with the gravy and lingonberry jam. Still delicious! But, admit it, it’s not as exciting to eat it compared to when you eat it on Thanksgiving Day.

I came upon my friend’s Facebook post on how she’s making pork empanada for her daughter’s snack for the afternoon. And it was like a light bulb was lit on my mind. Why not make a turkey empanada? My aunt would sometimes bring chicken empanadas whenever she comes over. Though I don’t know the recipe, I could figure out from the taste on how to do it. I didn’t have specific quantities of the ingredients as I added stuffs as I go along with the cooking.

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Turkey Ramblings


We normally didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in our household. If we ever did, we had never usually dealt with cooking the turkey as nobody had wanted the hustle and bustle that came along with it. We just usually had bought rotisserie chicken as a substitute for turkey (Lol). Much cheaper and we didn’t have to deal with a bunch of leftovers. (Trust me, it had made sense to us before!). Last year, however, one of my siblings had received a free turkey from the company she’s working at.  Well, we had no choice but to face the ordeal of cooking it. It was about 15-18 pounds, if I’m not mistaken. I was appointed to cook it as I was the one off that day. I had found myself excited, instead of exasperated, to finally try my hands on cooking turkey. I was anxious, of course, but at the same time, thrilled to finally overcome this turkey dilemma in our house.

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